Increasing Opportunities

for our Youth & Community

Our goal is to encourage young adults to pursue education opportunities after high school regardless of their financial situations.

Offering Programs

that help Assist & Finance

The goal is to financially support short-term cultural exchange programs to have students travel abroad to study and experience other cultures during the summer.

Providing Activities

to Encourage & Support

The vision of the program is for participants to experience other cultures in other parts of the world, with the goal of broadening their perspective on other cultures and the world as a whole.

We help bring together diverse stakeholders to create unique alliances that can make a difference in today’s challenging educational & financial obstacles for our youth..

Expanding the exchange program...

Providing scholarships for higher education

The Kambara Quest Foundation hopes to provide educational support for students between in Sandpoint and Japan by:

  • Supporting a short-term (1 month) exchange program to have students travel abroad to study and to experience the culture.
  • Providing scholarships for higher education to the students of the local community.
  • Supporting local schools and universities with materials and technical resources to foster and grow aviation related coursework to improve the educational experience and to develop future sources of human resources.